Villa Maintenance During Your Stay in St. John

Ensuring that your stay at Casa La Famiglia is flawless takes quite a bit of maintenance and service.

Maid Services and Cleaning: Our villa is thoroughly cleaned and prepared before your arrival. We provide one mid-week maid and towel service per full week of stay. We can also pamper you and provide daily maid service at an additional cost. If daily maid service is desired, there could be an additional water fee based on what services you choose. 

Garbage and Trash Removal: Due to the nature of our roads and the secluded locations of private homes, we do not have door-to-door trash collection service. Please drive your bagged garbage daily to one of the nearby dumpster bins along the road into Cruz Bay to prevent the unpleasant effects of heat as well as to deter unwanted insects and critters from coming around. If you leave your week's trash piled in your villa when you depart; you may be charged for it's removal.

Pool Maintenance: A complete pool cleaning and servicing is generally done right before your arrival. Our pool and Spa both use a state of the art Salt System for purification which eliminates the need to add Chlorine. The pumps are set on timers to automatically circulate and filter the water.

Exterminators and Gardeners: We try to schedule our exterminators and gardeners during villa vacancies, but if they must be at Casa La Famiglia, we will surely notify you beforehand to let you know. Generally, our professional gardeners visit Casa La Famiglia on Friday mornings. 

For more information, contact us at (844) SJ-VILLA, or email us at