How do you build a home in St. John, USVI?

June 25, 2012

Building a villa in St. John wasn't something we thought about until I read a very interesting article by two guys from Washington D.C. These gentlemen documented the trials and tribulations of building a two bedroom luxury villa in sunny St. John. Their story was pretty crazy and most evenings when I read it, I felt sorry for them. You'll have to read the blog yourself to get the true taste of what I'm talking about.

Just a little bit about us. My husband and I have been happily married over 16 years and we have two boys who are teenagers. We live on the east coast and have busy lives with our kids and our family. Family is everything to us.

Funny thing. We never visited St. John before we read the Bongo blog. Believe me when I tell you that I did a tremendous amount of research on every single island in the Caribbean as well as Florida. St. John was the island that every vacationer came back to after visiting another island. Warm temperatures year round, friendly residents, warm ocean temperatures all year, amazing beaches and snorkeling and most importantly, most of the island and it's waters are part of our national park where they are protected. Pretty cool.

About a year later, we were vacationing on St. John for the first time. It was the most beautiful island we had ever been to. While we were on this picturesque island, Gretchen, our realtor from Cruz Bay Reality drove my husband to a quiet neighborhood called Klein Bay which is only seven minutes from the main hub of town. My husband's jaw dropped when he saw the different colors of turquoise water that were right in front of this lovely neighborhood. Not only did he see the the beauty of it but he could hear the tiny waves hitting the shore. That was it. We found our paradise.

Well, we bought this beautiful land and began our adventure.

My blog is for anyone that may be dreaming of building a home in the Caribbean and want to take a peek inside the process.


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6/20/2012: How do you build a home in St. John, USVI?

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